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устойчиво производство на дивани
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In today’s world where products come cheaper and faster, and often with lax regulations, we try to make a difference.


Each product that we use has a different environmental footprint. When we look at the ecology of our homes, we find that upholstered furniture is among the items requiring significant amount of material resources.

The concept of “Fast Furniture” is akin to the one of “Fast Fashion”.  The term “Fast furniture” refers to the tendency of quickly producing large quantities of cheap and mainly low quality furniture. Large furniture retailers and chains have developed a business model that is encouraging the mass consumption of such pieces of furniture and home accessories. Attractive marketing campaigns and low prices entice customers to buy new products more often than necessary. It is not uncommon that people are obliged to buy new furniture after a move or home renovation. The consequences of this mass and frequent consumption are innumerous pieces of mass-produced items that end up in landfills around the world, which could severely affect the environment and our climate.

Production sustainability has always been important to us. Back in 2009 we created the “Green Sofa” product line – sofas without harmful substances, petroleum products or wood. This line was very successful but at one point we realized that although these products are unique, they still required a myriad of resources.

That is why we looked in a new direction. We have reconsidered and optimized our production processes and supply chain in order to operate in a much more sustainable way, thereby reducing our carbon footprint. These new goals became our top priorities:

  • Our furniture pieces must have a long life-cycle

  • Products are manufactured with high-quality raw materials

  • Finding the right mix between design/ function/ life-cycle

Our way of changing the future is to produce functional, durable and comfortable sofas with a minimum carbon and transportation footprint.


The analysis we performed on the life cycle of our products has led us to the implementation of the following solutions:

  • Our products must be of the highest quality, and be built as durable as possible so you could enjoy them for a long period of time

  • To encourage customers to use their furniture longer, we have increased the warranty for some models from 2 to 5 or 10 years. We also offer a new service – upholstery renovation (that is re-upholstery of your current furniture, giving it a new look). This allows and encourages the customer to use it for much longer

  • Material traceability is key – we make sure we know where our materials come from. Tracking a product’s path from raw materials to the finished merchandise enables us to guarantee the quality throughout the supply chain

  • We have increased the use of natural and recycled materials

  • We use as little plastic as possible

  • We try to decrease our transportation footprint to a “net zero” level

  • Our packaging is 100% Recyclable

  • Our products are to be priced affordably, enabling these environmental benefits to reach as many households as possible


We believe sustainability in manufacturing is of utmost importance for the future not only of green furniture but our planet as a whole. That is why we are happy to see the increase of conscious consumption in recent years, with a tendency to choose local products, created with attention to detail and emphasis on quality, while keeping nature in the center. To help overcome the environmental challenges of our time and safeguard our future, we now focus on creating products that cause less environmental damage while serving people longer. In this way, we contribute to building a new society that lives in harmony with nature.

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