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A sheet of wood made of three or more layers of veneer joined together with glue. The sheets are glued together at high temperature, with the grain of each ply at right angles with the grain of the adjoining plies to provide additional strength. It is more expensive than solid wood and particle board, the price depending on its strength, thickness, durability and visual qualities.

Elastic Belts

Made of polyester fiber and elastic rubber. Used as foundation for seats, backs and arm rests.


High-quality wood from oak trunks. Used to make details for sofas and chairs.

Zig-zag Springs

Provide softness and durability for the seats.


A strong, durable board made of small wood particles and epoxy resin bonded together under high pressure. Used to make structural elements.


Polyester wadding

Standard quality wadding made of polyester fibers and used to soften the lines of sofas, arm chairs and pillows.


Polyurethane foam

Standard quality filling used in seats, arm rests and pillows. Comes in different densities providing varying degrees of comfort. The most commonly used densities are T18 to T30, and M20 to M30 (digits indicate kg per cubic meter).

Silicone wadding

A superior quality wadding made of silicon fibers and used as a filling in sofa backs. Pricing depends on the density.



Wood from conifer trunks known for its strength and pliancy. Used to make structural elements.

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