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Main markets of VALINOR

Valinor main EU markets
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Valinor building in Plovdiv, Bulgaria


VALINOR is a family-owned business founded by designer Krassimir Mandadjiev in 1998. Initially a studio for boutique furniture, it grew into a factory for serially produced upholstered furniture in response to customer demand. Despite the change in scale, we continue to take pride in the quality of our products and the attention to detail in each and every one of them.

kitchen chairs, dining chairs


VALINOR is the result of years of intense work on developing a brand with design history, quality and unique personality. Our main aim is to design and manufacture furniture pieces that will last for generations. Our products are tested to the highest quality standards and meet all durability, strength and safety requirements.

sustainable sofas


We believe sustainability in manufacturing is of utmost importance for the future not only of furniture design but of our planet as a whole. Our way of changing the future is to produce functional, durable and comfortable sofas with a minimum carbon and transportation footprint.

hotel and restaurant furniture


VALINOR has a history of successful partnerships with corporate clients such as TV broadcasters, entertainment companies, medical centres, tour operators, hotels, clubs and restaurants all around Europe. We collaborate with the company's architects and designers to develop furniture that best suits client's space and needs.

EU Government programs


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Bulgaria, Plovdiv, 4000, Saglasie 3

Krassimir Mandadjiev

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