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How to choose the right sofa?

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

What are the must-haves to pay attention to when choosing a sofa for your home? How to choose the right sofa?

Many customers who come to us don't know where to start and what to consider in the search of the perfect sofa for their home. This list contains the main things to have in mind before buying a sofa.

1. Sofa seat depth

The first thing to consider when choosing a sofa is its size and fit in the room for which it is intended. In general, much more attention is paid to the length and height of the sofa, and in many cases we neglect the seat depth, which has a very important role in its comfort. The standard minimum depth to feel comfortable is 60 cm. For maximum comfort, a depth of 75 cm is recommended, together with the removable soft back cushion. With such a seat depth, you can comfortably relax on the sofa and even fall asleep on it.

white luxury sofa

2. Seating comfort

Depending on the materials used in the production of the sofa, we can identify 3 main types of seating - soft, medium hard and hard.

Of course, each of us has our own personal preferences on comfort – some people prefer firmer sofas, others softer ones. The feeling of softness and firmness of the sofa is subjective, but it is mainly determined by the materials used in the seat and backrest. Each piece of upholstered furniture has a different content of polyurethane foam, polyester wadding, elastic belts, zig-zag springs, etc.

Sofas with a storage space and a sleeper are usually harder, because adding these extras takes away the softness of sitting. The base of zig-zag springs gives exceptional comfort to the sofa. Zig-zag springs also balance the seating area and prevent its deformation over time.

modern grey corner sofa

3. Pillow filling

The quality of the polyurethane foam that is used to fill the seat cushions of the sofa is of utmost importance for its comfort. When choosing a sofa, our first thought is that it should be soft, but in reality the softer and lower density polyurethane is of lower quality and deforms with constant use. High resistance (HR) polyurethane foam is more expensive, but also more comfortable and long-lasting. It has a higher density and is firmer to the touch. Therefore, it is not always a good idea to choose a softer sofa, as it softens further with time and use.

4. Choice of upholstery

The sofa is a piece of furniture, used daily, so it is important to choose a durable fabric. Cotton and linen are attractive in appearance, but they are fabrics that shrink easily and their colors fade over time. In general, polyester fabrics are the best choice for upholstery, as polyester mimics cotton successfully, but it is stain resistant at the same time. Wool and natural leather are beautiful and strong, but they are also more expensive. Recently, more and more stain and water-repellent upholsteries are available on the market that have additional treatment in case liquids are spilled on them. If you've decided on a patterned fabric, look for the patterns to be woven rather than printed – this way they last a lot longer. A good tip when choosing upholstery is to look at the colors in natural and artificial light to see the difference in shades.

white B12 sofa, modern corner sofa-bed

5. Modern or classic style

The latest trends in sofas follow simple, clean lines as the comfort and functionality of the sofa come first. Modern sofas look equally good with any type of upholstery - cotton, linen, polyester or genuine leather.

In recent years, the Scandinavian style has increasingly entered the design of upholstered furniture, with its main characteristics being minimalism, lightness and simplicity. Neutral, soft shades and light colors, as well as natural wood, are the elements we associate with this style. It is characterized by the use of many different textures to create visual contrast in the interior.

sofa bed with natural wood armrests

If you are looking for a modern sofa with a classic touch, you can always choose one that has a traditional element to it. This kind of sofas have the so-called "timeless look" and are suitable for a variety of interiors. An example of this is our Jazz sofa, which is a combination of a contemporary shape and an upholstery, enriched with discreet embroidery that gives the sofa a retro and classic look.

double white sofa

The most important factor when choosing a sofa is that your decision is guided by your needs and desires - after all, we spend most of our free time at home, surrounded by our loved ones, and it is important to feel as comfortable as possible.

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