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Color solutions for your home design

Colors represent a way of expressing our feelings, emotions and moods. Our body and mind react to certain color combinations, creating different sensations.

When choosing the color palette for your home, it's important to think about how you want to feel when you're in that room. Brighter colors usually stimulate your brain and energize you, while pastel combinations create the feeling of relaxation and comfort.

The living room is the space at home where we spend most of our time, therefore the choice of colors and accents in it is of great importance.

The soft, pastel pink color can bring a sense of peace and tranquility to your home. A color combination of pink, lavender and peach evokes a feeling of romance and tenderness. In addition, color combinations with pale pink visually expand the room and give it space and lightness.

Color combinations with yellow-orange or amber are extremely welcoming and pleasant. Amber shades have a soothing effect, like the warm rays of the sun. Yellow is a cheerful color that can be combined with many other colors, but you will achieve the best effect if you combine it with white or light brown. Additional accents can be golden or saffron.

Blue is a classic color that many people choose when decorating their home. It is no coincidence that the color blue is considered the most calming color. The soft, neutral tones of blue have a calming and relaxing effect and bring a sense of calm and peace. It is important that the additional accents in the room are in similar shades, because the combination with colors that are too bright can bring unwanted tension to your interior.

Neutral colors such as grey, white and black are a perfect base for building a stylish interior design. These tones are mostly found in luxurious and minimalist interiors, as they are extremely suitable for classic combinations. Warm shades of gray are ideal for combining with green, red or yellow. Bright accents in combination with a gray sofa can transform your living room into a lively space and highlight parts of your decor.


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