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Albert is an exceptionally comfortable dining chair with stylish design

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An elegant sofa with a beautiful design – its soft lines and chic details make it the highlight of your interior.

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It's attractive, stylish and well-built

blue chair, suede chair, blue dining chair, living room chair, hotel room chair, upholstered chair


Тhe Felix chair is designed especially for dining rooms and lobbies, offering relaxed and comfortable sitting

suede armchair, beige armchair, cream armchair, comfortable armchair, off-white armchair


With its clean, sleek lines and an elegant design, Juno is a great choice for bars, hotel lobbies and homes

white sofa, double sofa, two-seat sofa, suede sofa,  modern sofa, small appartment sofa


With its memorable look and exceptional comfort, Jazz is a sofa for the stylish urban dwelling

rotating armchair, grey armchair, gray armchair, wooden legs armchair, comfortable armchair


Rotating armchair Dreamline represents contemporary design combined with extreme softness and coziness

grey sofa, double sofa, two-seat sofa, two-seater, office sofa, hotel lobby sofa, hotel sofa, modern sofa


Memorable, easy to maintain, and comfortable to sit on and rise from, Andromeda will lend style and character to your office

white sofa, two-seat sofa, three-seat sofa, removable upholstery sofa, comfortable sofa, sofa bed, bed function sofa


With its clean silhouette and timeless look, Avenue 200 is extremely comfortable and a perfect choice for your living room

grey sofa, scandinavian sofa, corner sofa, grey corner sofa, wooden legs sofa


Lucas combines high quality, modern look, comfort and ergonomics while keeping with the current trends in upholstered furniture

green sofa, green sofa-bed, wooden armrest sofa,wooden legs sofa, green sofa-bed, alpine sofa, chalet sofa


Alpine sofa is inspired by nature and based on the idea of a harmonious combination of soft colors and natural wood

B12 sofa, bestselling sofa, white sofa-bed, white sofa bed, sleep function sofa, beige sofa, great comfort sofa


With a solid construction and exceptional comfort, B12 is one of our best selling sofas

Max sofa, sofa-bed, grey sofa-bed, sleep function sofa, hotel sofa, hotel room sofa


Functionality matters: Max is best suited for small living and hotel rooms, as well as studios, where an extra bed is needed

Lexi sofa, module sofa, modular sofa, white sofa, white modular sofa, white sofa bed, double sofa, three-seat sofa


Compact and multifunctional, modular sofa Lexi is designed for smaller homes

module sofa, modular sofa, lobby sofa, waiting room sofa, office sofa, hotel sofa


The minimalist City Club set can easily fit in most contemporary interiors but is especially suitable for bars, cafes and hotel lobbies

yellow sofa, yellow modular sofa,module sofa, modular sofa, lobby sofa, waiting room sofa, office sofa, hotel sofa


Next‘s distinctive, ergonomic design and durability make it a great choice for cafes, bars, hotel lobbies and offices

modern sofa, yellow sofa, lobby sofa, waiting room sofa, office sofa, hotel sofa


The new, elegant Gateway is designed primarily for offices and reception areas

purple armchair, hotel armchair, living room armchair, lobby armchair, hotel room armchair, lila armchair, comfortable armchair, made in Europe, made in Bulgaria, hotel furniture


Laura's compact proportions, light weight and durability, achieved with state-of-the-art technologies, make it a perfect choice for hotel lobbies and rooms

blue stool, colorful stool, living room small stool


Brightly colored and modestly sized, Tiny is the perfect solution when you

luxury sofa, art deco sofa, beige sofa, cream sofa, off white sofa, exceptional comfort, unique sofa


Montmartre represents a modern reading of the Art Deco style while it beautifully unites perfect craftsmanship and exceptional comfort.

Valinor B12 B&W_edited.jpg


A sofa made specifically for you. Just choose a favorite among our models that adapts to your home interior. Our sofas come in different designs, materials and sizes. You can select from a variety of upholstery fabrics and you have the freedom to choose the design and size that suits your home best. Please let us know what you need and our personnel will be happy to assist you with expert guidance.


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