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We produce furniture of the highest quality, with great attention to detail and no sparing of material.

Our production team consists of experienced designers, carpenters, upholsterers and seamstresses whose quality of work is guaranteed by a sophisticated control system.

Valinor's sofas and chairs are produced with materials supplied by companies from the European Union.

Our designs are registered at the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria under the following patents and trade marks:

BG3727/21.05.1999;  BG3859/09.12.1999; BG4211/07.08.2001; BG4674/14.04.2003; BG5687/17.05.2005; BG40983/07.12.2001; EUTM 017373531/ 05/02/2018;

All of our products are under warranty, ensuring free-of-charge repair and maintenance for extensive periods of time in case of breakage or failure.

In company Valinor OOD is introduced Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008.

The quality is a key component for sustainable development of our company, which strives to continuously improve our products and services and increases the confidence of its customers and partners.

ANDRE - External lab test for Strenght, Durability and Safety - EN 12520:2015

ANDRE - VALINOR DURABILITY TEST: Аccording EN 12520:1728 - 25 000 cycles.